CID arrests Duminda Silva


The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) yesterday (1), arrested former MP Duminda Silva, who was on death row over the murder of Bharatha Lakshman Premachandra and was later granted a Presidential Pardon.

Silva was arrested, while he was being treated at the Sri Jayewardenepura Hospital, in line with the Interim Order issued by the Supreme Court on Tuesday, 31 May, suspending the Presidential Pardon granted to Silva, while directing the CID to implement the Interim Order.

The order was made by Supreme Court Justices P. Padman Surasena, Yasantha Kodagoda, and Achala Wengappuli. Further, an order impounding the passport of Silva was also issued.

While Silva was sentenced to death in 2016 for the murder of Premachandra in 2011, President Gotabaya Rajapaksa granted him a Special Presidential Pardon in June 2021.

By Faadhila Thassim