Cash collected at A’pura fuel stations sent to Minister


Money collected in tills at several Anuradhapura fuel stations was sent to Minister of Power and Energy Kanchana Wijesekera via money order yesterday (1).

Anuradhapura residents stepped in to assist the ailing Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC), which has been losing money for many years. A price increase on 24 May did little to help.

The cash collected in these tills was delivered to the Minister via money order from the Anuradhapura Post Office to the Parliament Post Office. A total of Rs 2,238 was collected from Anuradhapura fuel stations.

The persons who placed the tills said, they did so to demonstrate to the Government that they do not want to live as a debt-ridden nation. A group set up tills at fuel stations to collect the rupee loss on each litre of 92 Octane Petrol sold. Wijesekera told reporters that even after the massive price increase, the CPC loses a rupee for every litre of 92 Octane Petrol and 60 cents for every litre of Auto Diesel.

By Amila Prabhath – Anuradhapura