Zoo animals going hungry


Wildlife Conservation Department officials decried the lack of financial means to supply daily food to the animals at Dehiwela Zoo and other zoos.

They also mentioned that zoo animals are facing a serious food shortage as a result of a drop in foreign visitors, a drop in local tourist numbers due to fuel shortages and an increase in food prices.

The Department is also in charge of the caring elephants who are the subject of legal proceedings, which costs around Rs 45 million every year.

The sum provided by the Government in the budget has come to an end, according to officials, due to the aforementioned reasons.

The zoos’ food suppliers must now pay a total of Rs 59 million in arrears. In addition, a minimum of Rs 120 million is required, as well as the necessary financial arrangements for the remainder of the year.

Taking this into account, Minister of Wildlife Conservation Mahinda Amaraweera agreed to grant financial support in agreement with the Treasury.

The Minister directed officials to work quickly to develop a caretaker system for animal care institutions with the help of animal lovers. The Minister said that the current economic crisis has had a significant impact on both people and animals, and that the Government will take all necessary measures to protect creatures.