Verdict fixed for 6 June

Judge gavel and scale in court. Library with lot of books in background

Colombo High Court Judge Manjula Thillakaratne yesterday (31), stated the verdict in the case against Minister of Urban Development and Housing Prasanna Ranatunga and his wife Maureen Ranatunga, who have been charged with intimidating a businessman and demanding a sum of Rs 64 million from him, will be delivered on 6 June.

The hearing of testimony from both, the prosecution and the defence, had been concluded previously and the case was convened yesterday, to announce the date for the verdict.

The Attorney General had indicted Minister Ranatunga, his wife and another, Naresh Farik, before the High Court, for having threatened and intimidated businessman Jerad Mendis, and demanding the aforesaid sum from him, to evict a group of unauthorised dwellers from a land situated at Meethotamulla area in Kolonnawa and to carry out its reclamation work from 6 April 2 June 07 years ago.

The third accused in the trial Farik, having absconded Court, had fled overseas and the Court ordered to proceed with the case in his absence.

By Hansi Nanayakkara