Maj Gen Vikum Liyanage is new Army Chief


Major General Vikum Liyanage has been appointed as the 24th Commander of the Sri Lanka Army by President Gotabaya Rajapaksa.

He received his official letter of appointment from President Rajapaksa at the President’s House, Colombo, yesterday (31).

Liyanage, the most Senior Officer in the Army, will be elevated to the rank of Lieutenant General from today (1) with the assumption of duties as the Commander of the Army.

Lieutenant General Liyanage as an Officer Cadet joined the Sri Lanka Army on 27 October 1986 and followed basic military training at the prestigious Sri Lanka Military Academy at Diyatalawa and subsequently at Pakistan Military Academy. Upon successfully completing his training, he was commissioned in the rank of Second Lieutenant and was posted to the Gajaba Regiment.

During his 35 years of illustrious military career, he has held a number of significant command, staff and instructional appointments, including Platoon Commander, Company Commander and Adjutant of 4th Gajaba Regiment. Lieutenant General Vikum Liyanage was able to widen his horizons through the experience gained over the years from respective appointments in his office and through further training he underwent.

During the peak of the final humanitarian operation, Liyanage commanded the 8 Gajaba Regiment of victorious 57 and 56 Divisions which were actively conducting operations. He was able to achieve many victories against the LTTE.

Lieutenant General Liyanage who has actively taken part in operations against the LTTE has been adorned with gallantry awards of Rana Wickrama Padakkama (RWP). He was also decorated with the Rana Sura Padakkama (RSP). The Senior Officer was awarded the above medals thrice during his military career for being a pioneer in eradicating terrorism during North and East Humanitarian Operations. Further, he is a recipient of Desha Puthra Padakkama. Lieutenant General Liyanage has also received service decorations such as East Humanitarian Operation Medal, North Humanitarian Operation Medal, Purna Bhumi Padakkama, North and East Operation Medal, Riviresa Campaign Service Medal, 50th Independence Anniversary Commemoration Medal, Sri Lanka Army 50th Anniversary Medal, Long Service Medal, Seva Abhimani Medal and Service Medal.