Bakery industry on verge of collapse – SPBA


Southern Province Bakery Owners Association (SPBA), said due to prices of bakery materials having spiked significantly during the recent past, there is a grave threat to sustain the industry.

They said resulting from this situation almost all bakery items had increased drastically, a crippling blow to their business.

According to them scores of small time bakery owners had been greatly affected due to this situation and they pointed out that a sizeable number of bakeries had also been forced to shut down.

The head of the Southern Province Small and Big Time Bakery Owners Association Kamal Perera added that prices of  ingredients such as flour, sugar, margarine, yeast and coconut oil had skyrocketed during the past few weeks forcing them to either spike prices of bakery products or to shut down their businesses.

He therefore urged the Government to intervene on the matter promptly before the industry could collapse totally.

By Kamal Wijehewa – Galle