Wellawaya residents demand elephant trench


Residents of Pahalawarunagama, Wellawaya, demanded that an elephant trench be dug as a solution to the daily threats posed by wild elephants at the Lower Warunagama Junction on the Wellawaya-Monaragala Main Road.

The protest began at 10:00 a.m. and ended when the Wellawaya Police arrived and escorted a group of villagers to meet the Divisional Secretary.

Traffic was halted for nearly 30 minutes and protesters said they would not leave until a permanent solution is provided. According to a group of protesters, elephants enter the village every day and destroy houses, crops and attack people.

“No one seems to care. We are powerless. The Government tells us that we must cultivate. We want the authorities to dig a trench and solve the human-elephant conflict,” he said.

The protest was called off when the Wellawaya Acting OIC arrived at the scene and escorted them to meet the Wellawaya Divisional Secretary.

By G.I. Roshan – Wellawaya