VTA enters MoU with Aussie S4IG programme


A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed by the Vocational Training Authority (VTA), and the Australian government funded Skills for Inclusive Growth Programme (S4IG) managed by Palladium, to improve the standards of professional cookery skills within the tourism and hospitality sector. Eranga Basnayake, Chairman – VTA and David Ablett, Team Leader of Skills for Inclusive Growth represented the two parties. According to the organisational mandates, parties agreed to cooperate and work to deliver improved professional cookery training with the industry partner – the Chef’s Guild of Sri Lanka. The MoU outlined the mechanism to deliver improved professional cookery, pastry, bakery, and confectionery training across Sri Lanka. The MoU further highlighted the provision of technical assistance and support towards a more flexible, relevant skills system responsive to the tourism industry to improve employment outcomes, incomes, and service standards.