SafeWebLK invites public views


The SafeWebLK initiative is inviting public views and proposals on how to improve self-regulation of content on global social media platforms and other internet services.

In the coming months, SafeWebLK will collaborate with global internet companies to come up with a set of public commitments on how they respond to disinformation, hate speech, cyber bullying and online harassment.

These commitments will be written into an industry Code of Practice for Online Safety to enhance how global internet companies self-regulate online content concerning Sri Lanka.

Public comments and proposals can be submitted through an online questionnaire, available in English, Sinhala and Tamil languages, at This questionnaire will remain open until 25 June 2022.

SafeWebLK, which was inaugurated in mid-March at a multi-stakeholder event in Colombo, is a public interest initiative facilitated by Factum, an independent think tank based in Sri Lanka and focusing on international relations.

Collaboration with the global and Asian technological companies is being facilitated through their regional industry alliance, Asian Internet Coalition (AIC).

The Code of Practice, once drafted, will be shared on the Factum website for public review and comment at: