Pakistan-Sri Lanka Friendship Library opened


Pakistan-Sri Lanka Friendship Library was opened yesterday (30) as a token of two long-standing allies sharing a long and glorious history. Pakistan is one of the first countries to establish diplomatic relations with Sri Lanka since independence.

This street library is a donation of Pakistan to enhance friendship between the two countries and was inaugurated yesterday. Books in all three languages will be available at the library – Sinhala, Tamil and English.

The location of the library is a scenic area with a quiet environment in the shade of a large tree, opposite the famous Royal College in the parking of race course. The idea is that such environment will stimulate the reader to develop an interest in reading. Anyone can access this library for free.

The building and books were donated by the Government of Pakistan, under the concept of a ‘Street Library’. This Library has a different concept compared to other libraries. That is, this library will operate on the concept of “Take a book, leave a book.” There is no librarian and anyone can come here and read books.

Readers are encouraged to donate books of their choice to the library, especially when they are taking any book with them.

“The raging violence in the world can only be alleviated by a human society of free- thinking and aesthetic minds.”

The High Commission thanked the Government of Sri Lanka on behalf of Pakistan for appreciating and accepting the proposal and
Sri Lankan Government’s cooperation and provision of a suitable area for construction of the library.