Mullaitivu fishing industry on brink of collapse


About 2,000 fishing boats have been stranded off the coast of Mullaitivu from Mullivaikkal to Kokilai for 20 days, due to severe fuel shortage.

Even though around 2,000 fishing boats have been registered for refuelling off the coast of Mullivaikkal to Nayaru and Nayaru to Kokilai, the problem has been exacerbated by a lack of fuel thus far. Fishermen have registered to obtain fuel supplies for 400 fishing boats at the Puthukudiirippu petrol station, 800 boats at the Mullaitivu petrol station, and 800 boats at the Nayaru petrol station.

The fishermen are also facing financial difficulties due to rising fuel price. The fishermen in Mullaitivu are requesting the relevant authorities to provide fuel stocks immediately since fishing activities have come to a standstill; the fishermen’s economy has collapsed; fishermen of Mullaitivu are undergoing untold hardships.

The Mullaitivu fishermen complained that if there are no fuel supplies in the next few days, the Mullaitivu fishing industry will totally collapse.

BY Shashi Kumar – Mullaitivu