ADS initiates consumer registration


The Ambagamuwa Divisional Secretariat (ADS) has made arrangements to register Litro Gas and Laugfs Gas consumers within the boundaries of Hatton Dickoya Urban Council.

This was initiated by the Divisional Secretary Ruwani Sithara Gamage at Hatton Dunbar Stadium yesterday (30).

Residents of the Hatton Municipal Council’s five Grama Niladhari Divisions including those who live on a rental basis were registered with the help of the Hatton Dickoya Urban Council and the Hatton Police. National Identity Card, Electricity Bill and Water Bill are required to prove residency. This registration is made mandatory to verify the identities of the consumers.

The registration is intended to provide consumers with one gas cylinder per household per month and enables a consumer to purchase gas cylinders in a systematic manner leaving no room for overstocking.

Hatton police has also announced the implementation of a separate system for issuing LP gas to restaurants in the Hatton municipal area.

BY Neeta Pathma Kumari – Norwood