Women for Rights demand Govt speed up probe


The Women for Rights Organisation urged the incumbent Government and the National Child Protection Authority to speed up the investigation into the killing of a 9-year-old girl in Atulugama.

President of the Women for Rights Organisation Saroja Savitri Paulraj demanded that the Government intervene immediately to find the killer.

She also noted that children are dying in hospitals these days due to a lack of medicine.

She also mentioned that some children are insecure while their parents are waiting in queues as a result of the economic crisis, and that some children are abused and punished in schools as a result of ineffective educational methods.

“As Women for Rights, we emphasise that it is the government’s responsibility to create a positive mechanism for accountability and redress for children who are victims of various forms of abuse,” she said.

She emphasised that the government is also the competent authority in developing a media tool for social reform, rather than allowing every event to be promoted for increased ratings.

“We warn that if the present Government does not take appropriate action, the same pressure will explode into a social force like the current economic crisis, In this regard, we, the Women for Rights, assure the people that we too will line up and take the lead for the rights and protection of children.” she assured.

By Aloka Kasturiarachchi