Sathosa gets own fuel station


The distribution of essential items across the country via Sathosa Outlets was hampered in the previous month due to a variety of issues, including the fuel crisis, according to Minister of Trade, Commerce, and Food Security Nalin Fernando.

He said that the current Government has met all importers and stockholders and has begun a programme to distribute essential services without any flaws.

He made these remarks yesterday (29) at the handing over of a new fuel distribution station to the Sathosa in order to continue transportation of essential goods island wide in the face of the fuel crisis.

The Minister told the media, at the opening of a new petrol station at the Sathosa Transport Division premises on D. R. Wijewardena Mawatha in Colombo, that the new fuel distribution station at Sathosa would supply fuel to all Lorries.

 “The last few months have been extremely trying for us. We could not maintain our supply properly, especially when it came to supplying goods to Lanka Sathosa, due to fuel issues and having this filling station now means that we will soon be able to efficiently supply branches from those major warehouses, despite the fact that we were late in making decisions. So, first and foremost, we know that the supply of goods to the country has been declining in recent months, and the food supply has been declining due to the fuel crisis,” he explained.

Speaking further, he noted that there is no need to be concerned about essentials because they have made all plans for the future and have taken steps to provide the necessary goods to the people.

He specifically mentioned Sathosa and Lanka Sathosa’s service to the people of this country, particularly during and after the pandemic, and during and after the fuel crisis.

“But now we must go beyond that and compete with supermarkets, as well as restart the programme to provide essential commodities to the people at the lowest possible prices. That is why we have come together today to address the deficiencies and gaps in this programme, and we have begun that programme today. All essential items will be available throughout the country within the next two weeks and will be available to the public through Sathosa outlets,” he said.