Israeli MD2 pineapple introduced to Sri Lanka


With the introduction of the MD 2 pineapple variety in Israel, Mahaweli officials are confident that a new chapter in pineapple cultivation in Sri Lanka will begin.

They also stated that this pineapple variety, which is in high demand in foreign markets, is being introduced as a high density planting method for the first time.

Hemantha Jayasinghe, Residential Business Manager, Moragahakanda Irrigation Project, Sri Lanka Mahaweli Authority, and the project’s drip irrigation supplier, is cultivating the new pineapple variety on mulch.

A special programme was held at Sri Lanka’s Mahaweli Authority’s Guruwela Model Farm to plant a new variety of thornless pineapple seedlings. Through this project the Mahaweli Authority hopes to create an innovative market for pineapples under the technical guidance of Dr. Roshan Wijekoon, Project Director, Agriculture Sector Modernization Project, and Dr. Julian Welles, Leading Agronomist.

BY I. A. Kumara – Naula