Govt spending should be curbed – Talatha


The Samagi Janbalawegaya (SJB) claimed that the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) is attempting to isolate the incumbent Prime Minister.

Addressing the media, MP Talatha Athukorala claimed that this was evident in how the SLPP voted during the Parliamentary vote on Deputy Speaker.

“A new cabinet and Prime Minister have now been elected. Even though the Gota Go Home protest has been ongoing for 50 days, the number of ministers appointed by the same President continues to grow. They are the ones who are demanding, amid hardships, to reduce expenses by short staffing, and I, as a Member of Parliament, believe that privileges should be reduced of an MP,” Athukorala added.

She also said the reason cabinet must be reduced is because there is no money coming into the country alongside issues such as food shortages and students not attending school.

“The country is in a major crisis as a result of the fuel price hike. These are our country’s problems, and so it is critical to cut spending. It is the new Minister of Finance’s responsibility. Because they were forced to stay in hotels, the money brought in by migrant workers had to be spent in Katunayake on government cronies. They are now being told to send USD 100,000 to the country. We are requesting that they refrain from spreading such lies,” she said.

“Otherwise the country will sink into another abyss. First find out about the workers, encourage them. After the pandemic, a large number of people went to work in the country,” she added.

Athukorala further inquired the public if they are ready to give power to a dictator if they are rejecting all 225 MPs, and noted that the SJB is ready to work for the country without expecting any positions.

By Nabiya Vaffoor