Time-Saving Makeup Tips


A lot of women shy away from makeup because of the idea that it takes hours to get ready, and they just don’t have the time for it. But makeup doesn’t have to be that way! There are tons of tips to help you save time doing makeup, whether you’re just starting with makeup or want tricks to help you get ready faster.

Start your makeup routine with the eyes.

Glittery looks are beautiful but can be a hassle to put on. Eyeshadow fall-out has the potential to mess up hours of makeup and is so difficult to clean up. Start with your eyeshadow and you won’t waste any precious time clearing up the aftermath, especially if you’re dabbling with colourful pigments.

Sticking with neutral tones

Deciding a colour palette for your look takes so long and is an unnecessary problem when you can go with all neutral colours. This will look good on any skin tone, colours like tan, taupe, peach, or even orange on darker skin tones.

Tinted moisturisers

A tinted moisturiser is a saving grace when you’re short on time. Not only does it need little-to-no blending but it’ll give your skin a boost of hydration, as well as coverage. Plus, the fewer layers of makeup on your skin the better! This will prevent any clogged pores from popping up.

Make your lips stand out

If you’ve pushed it or overslept, just reach for one product: lip tint. Even if you wear nothing else and just a red pout, you’ll look miraculously put together and glamorous. Plus, you can put it on while you’re riding the elevator up to your office.


A pop of pink on the apples of your cheek gives you that instant face brightening you’re looking for to enhance your gorgeous complexion. As blush is getting back in trend, investing in a tint is perfect for girls on the go. There are a number of cheek and lip tints that can save you time, as well as space in your purse!

Skip liquid liner

Save liquid liner for the nights in the town, where you have time to spare and want to look your best. For an everyday look, a pencil adds a little pop without having to clean up messy lines.

Clear mascara

Who has time for mascara in the morning? Especially having to layer it.  Your daily beauty routine can become a lot simpler by investing in clear mascara. Requiring only one layer, it leaves you looking natural and stiffens your lashes without the mess and smudge.

Lash lifts & extensions

Lash lifts are a simple way to enhance your natural look for a few weeks without having to worry about eye makeup too much. Additionally, lash extensions are equally useful if you want a more glamorous dramatic look.  Whether you want a classic, natural look or lots of volume and fluff, lash extensions will not only save you time but many women often find that they don’t feel the urge to wear as much makeup when they have extensions!

By Ruelle Sittampalam