Nails by Lucky


Our bodies can serve as a canvas for art, and our nails are no exception. But finding the right nail technician to bring your artistic vision to life can sometimes feel like a daunting task. Luckily, Sri Lanka is teeming with talented nail artists creating eye-catching designs just like the ones filling your social media feed.

This season, bright colours are taking over, with uplifting shades like acid yellow, lime green and hot pink. There are plenty of ways to incorporate bold colours, even if you’re more low-key. Whether you like your diamond-clad claws long or are seeking someone who can still deck out your nail, look no further than Lucky Susil.

Luckys Beauty Salon is located at Vajira Road,
Colombo – 4. Offers all types of nail treatments, cosmetics, personal care, waxing services, and the classics. Lucky is an experienced nail technician, reputed manicurist and pedicurist who has been in the industry for more than 20 years. Their speciality is sophisticated nail art. Care and condition take priority over gels and nail art at their studio, with special treatments and high-quality polishes on the menu.

Lucky believes in experimenting and has travelled vividly studying the art of nail crafting. With two decades of experience, his nail studio offers a signature line of prescriptive base coats to catwalk-inspired, vitamin-enriched shades, luxury manicures, pedicures, gel nails and more. They have all the latest equipment and colours for your fingers and toes. Their team of experienced nail specialists and talented technicians ensure you’re pampering is done right.

He spoke to Ceylon Today about maintaining your nails and picking the ideal nail shape and art. “Some of the most popular styles are the coffin or ballerina style, as well as square and stiletto nails, as people are interested in trying fun nail art. Ideally, we always consult our clients and suggest a shape based on their hands and nail bed size,” says Lucky Susil. Added to personal preference and style wanted, we suggest keeping one’s lifestyle in mind. For example, for those who have to type all day or spend time in the kitchen, squoval nails might work better than an edgier style like ballerina or almond shapes.

“If your hands are relatively wide with short fingers, we recommend that you choose longer almond nails rather than the typical round ones. The coffin or ballerina style nails will also make your fingers look longer. But if you have long fingers, it’s better that you go for square or squoval nails as oval ones will make them look bonier. If the bed looks wider, so will the fingers,” Lucky explains.

He recommends investing in a cuticle cream or using coconut oil to soften the cuticles. If you have brittle nails, Lucky emphasises one should work on strengthening them. That way, your nails won’t be breaking and damage.

Lucky recommends a nail strengthener to protect damaged nails from the effects of moisture, friction, or nail dystrophy. “This keeps the nails healthy, and when you have healthy nails, the polish stays longer,” he assures.

Here are some of Lucky’s recommendations for the most popular nail shapes.


Round nails are great if you want to keep your nails short. Plus, they’re ideal for those with wider nail beds. Since it is a simple shape, it leaves space for stylistic nail art or even a bright single colour manicure.


“File your round tip flat, and you have square nails, both of which work for short nails too and will give you just enough room to add some nail art,” says Lucky. When filing the sides, make sure to have the file perpendicular to the nail, to prevent making it a squoval shape. With square nails, the corners can get jagged, so regular buffing is needed to make them smooth.


“Oval nails are usually a great choice. You can change the length based on the shape of your fingers to make it perfect for your needs,” Lucky stated. The nail is filed down on the tips and the sides, making the curvature more than around the nail. This can make fingers look thinner. “Since so much of the natural nail is filed, this look is best maintained with nail extensions,” he added.


When oval nails are filed even narrower at the tips, they’re called almond nails. They can become weak at the tip, so they generally need acrylic or gel extensions to bolster them.


if you clip the tip of an almond nail, it becomes a coffin nail. For the coffin shape, the nails will have to be very long so that both sides can be filed to a tapered point, with the tip filed into a square. These are generally long, which can make the fingers look longer. However, they are the hardest to maintain. They are also susceptible to breakage, especially if you type a lot or do household chores.

By Shafiya Nawzer