Work at Apeksha Hospital hindered


The operations at the Apeksha Hospital, Maharagama were hindered as a result of a strike by radiation therapists.

The Government Radiological Technologists’ Association observed that their duties have arbitrarily been taken away from them and vested in certain others, adding thereby that certain services provided by them have been withdrawn.

 They also observed that if their demands are not met by 30 May, the services of island wide radiation therapists will be withdrawn from 1 June.

President of the Government Medical Officers’ Forum (GMOF), Dr.Rukshan Bellana said, “This is an administrative issue that has to be resolved internally and should not in any manner affect cancer patients who have been unable to get their diagnosis and treatment due to the strike.”

Dr.Bellana said even when others in the health profession have launched strikes for various reasons, employees of the Apeksha Hospital have never been involved in such actions and thereby the Ministry of Health should carry out an inquiry and contemplate interdicting those involved in the strike.

BY Faadhila Thassim