Vigneshwaran urges Tamil Diaspora to invest in NP


Jaffna Chamber of Commerce Vice President S. Vigneshwaran urged the Tamil Diaspora to invest in the Northern Province because it is strong and would provide an opportunity to demonstrate the power of the Northern People.

He added that it will be a boon to improve the economic and living conditions of people in the three-decade-long war-torn region.

Vigneshwaran was speaking to the media in Jaffna yesterday about the country’s current economic crisis.

He said that all factions in the region, including educationists, industrialists, the business community, and politicians, must band together and collaborate for the region’s development, putting personal disputes and contradictions aside.

Vigneshwaran added that everyone must work together while keeping social responsibility in mind. “When compared to other provinces, our development goals are easily achievable. The Diaspora Tamils’ assistance has greatly aided us in resolving many of our issues and regaining our footing. The investments of Diaspora Tamils are vital. The prevailing unfavourable situation in the country wouldn’t last long, however Sri Lanka would raise its head again resolving every issue the country is facing today.”

BY Naalir Jamaldeen


  1. Have been successful in getting any constitutional protection from the Sinhalese since the communal violence?
    Once bitten twice shy. Diaspora got lot of $. But not willing to waste it on a regime that’s corrupt, racist and discriminatory.

  2. We the Tamil Diaspora would willingly Invest in Sri Lanka when we are confident that the S L Govt: will not change the Rules and Laws, catching us tricked again.
    A trusted Sri Lankan President should present a plan, Guaranteed by India or the IMF that Investments will be safe in Sri Lanka, will not incur unnecessary Red Tape or Road Blocks and in some cases, able to repatriate profits and the principle.
    Three hundred thousand individuals in Canada invests $1,000.00 each is 3 Billion Dollars, no need to go begging to the IMF

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