NDB Remittance provides exciting prizes


NDB Bank recently launched a campaign to encourage inward remittances by providing cash prizes worth over one million rupees for customers who collect their Western Union remittances from NDB Bank or any of the Bank’s registered agencies, including the Regional Development Bank (RDB), Singer Sri Lanka, Sarvodaya Development Finance (SDF) and Citizen Development Business Finance (CDB).

Any beneficiary of Western Union remittance who collects their remittances from NDB Bank branches or any of the above agent locations will be eligible to a raffle draw to win 100,000 rupees monthly, 50,000 rupees weekly and 10,000 rupees daily.

Titled “සල්ලි රටින් දිනුම අපෙන්”, the promotional campaign, which began on 23 May 2022, will run to 22 July 2022. Western Union beneficiaries will be entitled to win a chance to be one of the 61 daily winners, nine weekly winners and two monthly winners.

All Western Union customers who collect their remittances from NDB Bank branches and its agents will be entitled for the Government incentives to encourage inward worker remittances to Sri Lanka.

As a part of NDB’s efforts to encourage inward remittances through formal banking channels as a responsibility towards the country, the Bank is constantly striving to make the lives of its clients and stakeholders easier and more convenient and thus, has also introduced the most convenient way in which the Bank’s clients can receive money via Western Union with just one phone call to NDB banks Call Centre on 0117448888 or by sending a message through the NDB NEOS app. The funds received will be credited to the respective individual’s accounts at NDB in just five minutes.