Haste carpeting floods Walallawita homes, lands


Culverts and sidewalks on the Pelawatta-Baduraliya road had been filled with asphalt during last year’s Gama Samaga Pilisadara programme in the Walallawita, Yattapatha Thiniyawala area; flooding houses and lands in the area.

Ratnasiri Goonetileke, a local resident, claims that this has destroyed his home and garden, leaving him in a dire situation.

“With the President hastily developing the Pelawatta – Baduraliya road and filling in the broken culverts with gravel and asphalt, my house started to flood even after a light rain. Everything has been destroyed by the recent rains. The floods have destroyed my livelihood, which included ornamental flowering plants, ornamental fish farms, and home gardens. I am still living in a swamp despite informing the Grama Niladhari, Walallawita Divisional Secretary, Pradeshiya Sabha, and Migahatenna Police,” he said.

Another resident, W.A. Ratnasiri Goonetileke, said that the road was constructed in a hurry because the authorities wanted to show progress to the President’s Gama Samaga Pilisadara programme. The road’s broken culverts were paved with stones and carpeted over.

“Paddy fields cannot be cultivated. I support myself by working in a nursery and raising ornamental fish for a pittance. The coconut and jackfruit seedlings in the garden had been destroyed,” he explained.

By Wasantha Kumar – Matugama