Goods sold to friends, not consumers


The Office of Galle District Consumer Affairs stated that the essential consumer goods were discovered in a Sathosa outlet in Galle, where they were not sold to consumers but were kept in storage separately for sale to their ‘friends’.

The Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) had received a complaint that essential consumer goods were not kept on the shelves for sale to consumers.

On the orders of the CAA, the Sathosa shop was inspected by investigating officers from the Galle District Consumer Affairs Office.

In the Sathosa market warehouse, investigators discovered 100 Kgs of brown sugar, 35 Kgs of white sugar, 35 Kgs of Supiri Samba, 125 Kgs of white samba, 125 Kgs of white rice, 29 packets of dhal, 50 Kgs of dhal, and 50 Kgs of Nadu rice. The CAA has issued a stern warning to Sathosa outlet management in this regard and urged them to follow the normal procedure for selling goods to its consumers without applying double standards.

BY Kamal Wijehewa – Galle