CMLSSL accuses NMRA over drug shortage


The College of Medical Laboratory Science Sri Lanka (CMLSSL) accused the National Medicines Regulatory Authority (NMRA) over the severe medicinal drug shortage in the country, adding the NMRA’s traditional, insensitive decision-making habit has become a serious obstacle in obtaining donations for the State Healthcare System.

CMLSSL President, Ravi Kumudesh said the country had been unable to produce at least some of the essential drugs, owing to the NMRA’s actions which had kept several local manufacturers interested in investing on pharmaceutical manufacturing at bay. 

 “Unnecessary costs are incurred when obtaining drugs. This is due to adapting to wasteful and unproductive practices of other countries. It is possible to reduce the cost to purchase drugs by five times without wasting money on the so-called impractical grounds,” he said.

Kumudesh observed that prices of drugs increased ten times more owing to the cost of procuring medicinal drugs through ‘file mafia methods’, which is not even followed in Asia and developed countries.

By Dilanthi Jayamanne