Beer made from sewage water goes on sale in Singapore


Beer is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages in the world. Beer requires also a lot of water, and in fact more than 90 per cent of the drink is water. Singapore’s Water Agency has decided to take this even further by launching a beer called NewBrew that is made primarily from sewage water.

The beer is made out of a liquid that is recycled from waste water, which originally was pumped and filtered from Singapore’s water supply. Its primary aim is also to create an awareness about the country’s water problems that have grown in the recent years. Singapore faces water scarcity challenges and this is one of the creative ways it has devised to address them.

The label of NewBrew claims to be one of Singapore’s greenest beers. It also lists NEWater as an ingredient. NEWater is a filtered liquid that is generated from sewage water which the country has been using for the last 20 years. The label lists this as its main constituent.

While this might sound unhygienic, NEWater is heavily tested and monitored before being approved by consumption.

NEWater, is mainly used in microchip manufacturing plants, which are ubiquitous in the city-state and require high-quality water, and for cooling systems in buildings.

Recycled wastewater can now meet 40 percent of Singapore’s water demand, a figure that is expected to rise to 55 percent by 2060, according to the country’s water agency.

But it also helps boost drinking water supplies. During the dry season, it is sent to top up several man-made reservoirs and, following further treatment, flows to people’s taps.

The beer can be purchased from shops and bars in the country.

Source: NDTV