Southern Province Children’s Court not seen the light of day


Officials of Probation and Childcare Services and Police Officers say, despite assurances given in the past to set up a Children’s Court in the Southern Province to address issues pertaining to children, such a system has not materialised thus far and was a cause for concern.

They stated that due to this unwelcome situation, female children  who were victims of child abuse and molestation coming for hearings in the High Courts could be seen with their own children after marriage, since the long duration of cases of this nature.

Meanwhile, despite the head of the Delimitation Committee former Southern Provincial High Court Judge, Chandrasena Rajapaksa submitting a proposal to set up a Children’s Court it has not become a reality to date.

Former Southern Province Foster Care and Child Protection Commissioner Rajitha Karunanayake said it was imperative that cases pertaining to children are heard promptly via the existing Court system if a specific Court could not be set up to hear such cases.

By Farhan NIzamdeen – Galle