Police seize over 50,000 litres of illegally stored fuel


Police arrested 137 people and seized over 50,000 litres of illegally stored fuel, including petrol, during 429 raids across the country.

Accordingly, Police recovered 27,000 litres of petrol, 22,000 litres of diesel, and 10,000 litres of kerosene.

The raids were conducted in response to complaints that some individuals were collecting stocks of fuel released to fuel stations in various ways and selling them at higher prices.

The public can report such incidents to the Police by dialling 119,118, or 1997, Police said.

Furthermore, Police said that raids were being conducted to nab those involved in selling adulterated fuel.

It has also been discovered that the fuel is mixed and sold with a variety of substances, and the Police, in collaboration with Divisional Intelligence Officers, are conducting raids.

The raids are carried out in accordance with the Petroleum Products (Regulation and Control of Supplies) Act No. 34 of 1979 and in collaboration with the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation’s expert officers.

Police said that illegal fuel storage and storage in homes is dangerous. A minor blunder can put people in danger. Police also urge the public not to store or sell fuel at exorbitant prices.

By Thameenah Razeek