Handungoda refuses to show up at CID


Journalist and YouTube Vlogger, Darshana Handungoda refused to appear before the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) yesterday morning (25) claiming that he was not summoned in an official manner. He had been summoned with regard to some revelations he had made on his YouTube channel.

His lawyers said there was a problem with the legitimacy of the summons and that they see it as being a danger to their client who always spoke on behalf  of the citizens.

According to his lawyers, Handungoda would not appear before the CID until his concerns are answered.

However, Police summoned him once again following formal procedure. A CID officer told his lawyers that they would make an official communication to Handungoda.

Speaking to the media, Handungoda said him being summoned sets a bad precedent to society, especially during a crisis situation in the country.

 “It is very sad that this regime is hunting down journalists who criticise them. All this is according to the political agenda of the Government. I did not appear before the CID as I only a got a phone call asking me to show up. They should have written to me as this is the official way of doing things,” he said.

By Sahan Tennekoon