‘Disorder and disrepair’ in Digana


Digana, a major town in the Kundasale Pradeshiya Sabha, is plagued by a lack of public facilities. The public toilet, in particular, has been closed for nearly three years and is overgrown with shrubs.

“The Kundasale Pradeshiya Sabha has posted a sign indicating that the public toilet is closed for repair. Unsanitary sewer systems emanate a bad odour. A sign also states that maintenance of the toilet was by private parties. Digana is now an unkempt city,”president of the United Trade Union in Rajawella Town, Digana,  Indika Jayasuriya made these observations recently.

“The drainage system in the shop in front of the Bank of Ceylon is not fixed properly and during the rainy season, sand collects and the drainage system overflows into the business premises,” he added.

A lack of street lights kept the city in a state of darkness, Jayasuriya said.

“We see an accident-in-the-making because there are no lights in the area. For several months, we have requested the removal of sand in the drainage system but it has fallen on deaf ears.  The authorities claim it will be completed ‘today’ or ‘tomorrow’ but to date nothing seems to be done. The Municipal Council must handle these affairs but they are oblivious to it. As we pay taxes to the Kundasale Pradeshiya Sabha, we request that these issues be resolved as soon as possible,” he said.

BY D. Wanniarachchi – Kandy