Public outcry must be heeded – FSP


The demands of the public protesting at Galle Face have not been met till today and immediate attention must be paid to resolve the demands, said Education Secretary of the Frontline Socialist Party (FSP) Pubudu Jagoda.

The FSP and the Tamil Progressive Alliance (TPA) held a discussion yesterday (24) and have taken several important decisions regarding the situation in the country.

While commenting on the concerns, Jagoda said the appointment of the Prime Minister has not made any changes in the country. In addition, at present, the Police are arresting many people for the 9 May riots and we need to find a way to find the real culprits behind the attack, without arresting innocent people, he said. “The President should resign from his position, without dividing parties. We all need to stand together and voice it in Parliament,” Jagoda said. The situation of the up country people and the problems they are facing have been discussed, and the two parties will take collective effort to support them. Meanwhile, Leader of the Tamil Peoples Alliance,  Mano Ganesan said people need to understand the reality. The public needs to be aware of the political environment within Parliament and outside, he said.

By Eunice Ruth