More power to Parliament will ensure democracy – Guruswamy


Apart from abolishing the executive powers of the President, provisions related to the power of Provincial Councils should be included in the 21st Amendment to the Constitution, Media spokesperson of Tamil Eelam Liberation Organisation (TELO), Suren Gurusuwamy said.

The executive powers of the President have failed in fulfilling the needs of the public. Therefore, abolishing the executive powers of the President and giving more power to Parliament will ensure democracy in the country, he said.

Meanwhile, Tamil political parties must come forward to deal with the issues of power that the Tamil people can gain through the proposed amendments to the Constitution, Gurusuwamy said.

“The 21st Amendment to should abolish the Executive Presidency and pave the way for the permanent devolution that already is enshrined in the Constitution. Tamil parties should take advantage of the proposed 21st Amendment to strengthen and reinstate these powers. Further, a referendum was not required when the 20th Amendment was passed to give the President executive powers. Similarly, a referendum is not necessary to implement something which is already in the Constitution,” Gurusuwamy said.

He further said, the administration fully implements the provisions related to the President. But when it comes to devolution, the Government is lagging behind in implementing the existing provisions, he said.

“The gap between what is already in the Constitution and what is in practice must be reduced and those provisions should be fully implemented. Therefore, we invite Tamil parties and Tamil MPs to take this opportunity and work together for a better future,” he said.

In addition, instead of wasting time on making comments about Southern Province political affairs, the Government should look into the actual issues facing the people and they need to take action to resolve them, he added.

By Eunice Ruth