AMC organises FB, YouTube video competition


In a bid to prevent the re-emergence of malaria in Sri Lanka, the Anti Malaria Campaign (AMC) has called on all health institutions in both the government and private sector to take part in a competition to share preventive messages through Facebook posts and YouTube videos.

Applications for the competition can be submitted till 31 May, while the competition will end by 30 June, but there are chances that both dates will be extended owing to the low response rate.

Contestants should participate as units from health institutions. For example, participants could be from Medical Offices of Health (MOHs), laboratories, and hospital units. Individual participation is not allowed, the AMC Medical Officer said.

Also, video clips on YouTube spreading the anti-malaria message should last for two to three minutes.

AMC Medical Officer, Dr. Gayani Ranasinghe said, Rs 100,000 and
Rs 50,000 cash prizes would be awarded to the winners of the YouTube and FB competitions. The competition is another venture of the AMC’s ‘Prevention of Re-Establishment of Malaria in Sri Lanka (PROMIS)’ initiative, she added. 

Dr. Ranasinghe said, although Sri Lanka had been able to eliminate the malaria parasite, the disease bearing mosquito Anopheles was still present in the island.

“We aim to prevent the re-emergence of the mosquito-borne disease. In 18 weeks, 18 patients have been detected. She urged all persons travelling to malaria endemic countries (MEC) to take preventive measures. They should also follow up with the test as soon as they return. Every person who returns from a MEC is monitored by the AMC for one year, and is tested on returning. Follow up tests are conducted in one month, six months, and one year after their arrival in Sri Lanka.”

By Dilanthi Jayamanne