Unused lands to be cultivated


All institutions under the Ministry of Urban Development and Housing have agreed to accelerate the cultivation of unused lands.

Minister of Urban Development and Housing Prasanna Ranatunga has directed officials to take the necessary steps.

He said steps will be taken in consultation with the respective Divisional Secretaries to cultivate crops endemic to those areas. This programme is being implemented as a potential solution to a future food crisis.

The instructions were given by the Minister during a meeting with officials from the Ministry of Housing, the State Engineering Corporation of Sri Lanka, and the Land Development Corporation of Sri Lanka.

The Minister also directed that no land owned by the relevant institutions be left vacant. If the lands allotted for investment have not yet been used, the Minister instructed that the lands be taken back immediately and hand them over to the new investors.

He also noted when allocating lands for investment, advertisements will be made both locally and internationally.