Rs 2B allocated to give Rs 5,000 relief – Safras


Director of Ampara District Samurdhi Office M.S.M. Safras yesterday (23) said Rs 2 billion has been set aside to provide relief assistance of Rs 5,000 each to low income families in Ampara District for 2022.

Safras added that the low income families in the Ampara District who are affected by the prevailing crisis in the country are to be provided Rs 5,000 from May.

He said the relief assistance is to be given to families who have been depending on daily wages, Samurdhi beneficiaries, and those who are on the pending list to get Samurdhi benefits.

This relief programme is to be implemented through 43 Samurdhi banks covering 20 Divisional Secretariat divisions in the Ampara District, according to Safras.

Thus, 89,438 Samurdhi beneficiaries and 30,848 families are scheduled to be given the relief assistance.

By Naalir Jamaldeen