Provide cooked meals to Colombo apartment residents


 Tamil Progressive Alliance (TPA) Leader MP Mano Ganesan has sent a letter to the Premier requesting him to take appropriate measures to provide cooked meals to people who live in apartments in the Colombo District.

 He said presently citizens are facing many difficulties owing to fuel, gas, kerosene, power, and many other shortages, and especially the day-to-day income of those who live in Colombo-North has been adversely affected.

Ganesan said the people who live outside Colombo have facilities to at least grow their own vegetables and use wooden stoves, instead of gas cookers and induction stoves. However, the people who are living in apartments have no way to cook their daily food without gas or kerosene, as they don’t have a way to use wooden stoves.

He further said during the Yahapalana Government, about 13,000 families were relocated to apartments belonging to the Urban Development Authority (UDA). These people have become helpless owing to gas and kerosene shortages, as they are unable to prepare meals, he said.

“The Government should find ways and means to provide cooked meals to them by issuing ‘meal distribution cards.’ Unused CMC kitchens and the Colombo Port kitchen can be utilised for this purpose,” Ganesan said.

 “This initiative should be undertaken until the situation normalises. This will fairly ease the burden of people and they could live without starving,” he added.

By Eunice Ruth