Manusha to seek US$ 500M per month from expat workers


Minister of Labour and Foreign Employment Manusha Nanayakkara said, he would strive to obtain a monthly sum of US$ 500 million via Sri Lanka’s migrant workers in a bid to overcome the country’s long-running lines for petrol, diesel, LP gas, and the ongoing power crisis.

He thus urged Sri Lanka’s scores of migrant workers to become a part of the programme to rid the country of its long-drawn-out economic abyss and ease the burden on Sri Lankan citizens.

The Minister was speaking at a Media briefing at his Ministry yesterday (23).

Speaking further, Nanayakkara said, “Today there are an innumerable amount of problems burdening our people. The country’s economy has collapsed, but I think it is retrievable provided we take the necessary measures at the right time.

The masses are struggling to survive. They spend days on end in lines seeking basic needs. Things have got so complicated that there is even a severe scarcity of vital medicinal drugs. When most had expressed reservations of accepting this challenge to revive our economy, we decided to meet that challenge head-on.”

“We then discussed with the CBSL Governor and he asked me if I could get hold of our migrant workers and request them to provide around US$ 500 million to overcome the shortages of vital items such as fuel and LP gas,” the minister said. 

“Then the problem of the long lines could be resolved. Hence, I take this opportunity to invite our expatriate workers to send this amount to Sri Lanka and we guarantee to them that these monies will be utilised for the very purpose that it is sought and not a dollar will be wasted. I will vouch for it.”

He also explained that for the amount that is sent to Sri Lanka by migrant workers, a programme will be drafted to provide duty-free relief to them in consultation with relevant officials and via a Cabinet Paper.

The Minister also promised to provide many other relief measures to expatriates who are willing to be a part of the programme to send necessary monies to Sri Lanka to ease the ongoing burdens. (JK)