Conduct of DIG, Senior Inspector probed – CID


The CID informed Colombo Fort Magistrate Thilina Gamage on 20 May, that they were currently investigating the conduct of a DIG and a Senior Police Inspector, besides SDIG Deshabandu Tennakoon, in connection with the violent attack directed at peaceful protesters at MynaGoGama opposite Temple Trees and at GotaGoGama at Galle Face, on 9 May.

The CID said the violent clashes which had gained attention both domestically and globally, had consisted of six incidents and that they had arrested all suspects in connection with those incidents. They made these submissions to Court, having produced two suspects they had arrested related to the incident.

The CID told Magistrate Gamage, that they are continuing to probe the allegations of failing to forestall the attack and dereliction of duty by officials and noted that the entire inquiry was complex. The CID said close to 2,000 Police Officers had been on duty, at the time of the attacks at the two protest sites.

At that point, the Fort Magistrate inquired from the CID, with regard to measures they had adopted concerning Western Province SDIG Deshabandu Tennakoon, related to the assault on peaceful protesters at Temple Trees and at Galle Face and the progress of that probe.

The CID said as the probe was complex and time-consuming, they were investigating all aspects related to the two incidents and pointed out that they will be further continuing with the inquiry. Magistrate Gamage then inquired from the CID, why action had not been taken to forestall the violent clash opposite Temple Trees, despite the presence of trucks equipped with water cannons.

The CID said they were conducting a thorough investigation. They explained to Court that besides the conduct of SDIG Tennakoon, they were probing, why measures had not been contemplated to prevent the chaos opposite Temple Trees. Continuing further, the CID said “Opposite Temple Trees, two trucks equipped with water cannons and riot squads had been kept on standby. However, what is evident from the testimony recorded by us is that none of those things had been used, to prevent the assault on peaceful protesters at MynaGoGama. We have already begun a detailed probe into the conduct of a DIG and a Senior Police Inspector, who both had been posted at MynaGoGama.”

Following this, the CID prayed the Court, to hold an identification parade for the two suspects.

Taking the submissions into consideration, Fort Magistrate Thilina Gamage, ordered the suspects to be remanded till 25 May and fixed further proceedings of the trial to that date.      

By Hansi Nanayakkara