Wild jumbo kills elderly man


An elderly person was killed in a wild elephant attack in Rajanganaya on 20 May. Wilson (74), a farmer of Wewwana Road, Rajaganaya, was identified as the deceased.

According to Rajanganaya Police, the victim heard a sound from the front of his house and had opened the back door and walked around the house to investigate the noise when he was attacked by an elephant from the opposite direction.

The elephant had broken his arms and legs and had trampled his back, Police say. Rajanganaya Coroner Ubayapala Herath held an inquest into the incident on the afternoon of 20 May.

In another development, a wild elephant from the Wellawaya Anapallama Forest Reserve entered a nearby village, damaging two houses before fleeing. On 20 May, the elephant entered the village and landed near the culvert of the elephant trench before escaping on the main road.

The wild elephant had attacked a house of an elderly woman and another house where a woman and her three children had been living.

The two houses had been damaged and the families are now in dire financial straits. Wildlife officials chased the elephant away, and Divisional Councillor Chandima Kumara de Silva was seen the next day using a backhoe to rebuild the culvert.

BY K. M. Chandika – Rajanganaya