Litro Gas Lanka plans to launch a mobile application to notify consumers and agents about LP gas supply, distribution, and availability.

Chairmanof Litro Gas Lanka, Vijitha Herath stated that the company hopes to launch the app today (23). The mobile application would allow consumers, agents, and sub-agents to obtain accurate information on how many gas cylinders would be distributed in the areas.

The chairman also asked customers to inquire with area agents about the date and number of gas cylinders they will receive before queuing.

He also said that the process of releasing 80,000 domestic gas cylinders per day has been restarted, adding that, 3,900MT gas shipment that was brought to the country was unloaded yesterday and that the gas distribution was started accordingly.

The consignment of gas is enough for the country’s needs for six days. “USD 7 million will be paid for two more shipments today (23), and we will be able to guarantee LP gas delivery for another two weeks,” he said.

Following the COPE committee’s recommendations, 50,000 domestic gas cylinders (60 percent) will be distributed to the Colombo and Gampaha Districts today.