Development projects put on hold


Minister of Urban Development and Housing, Prasanna Ranatunga, directed that all new projects be put on hold until the country’s economic situation improved and that the Ministry spend only on necessities until the next budget is presented.

Minister said in response to the decision that the Government is taking all possible steps to resolve the economic crisis, adding that, current priority is to save the country and its people from the economic crisis.

He also noted that the Government will do everything possible to reduce fuel and LP Gas queues and save people from the hardships they are experiencing, adding that the issue of fuel and LP Gas will not be resolved through protests or hartals.“A programme must be implemented to put an end to them. That programme cannot be implemented solely by the Government.

It will require the cooperation of all parties. The Ministry of Urban Development and Housing is a Ministry that directly contributes country’s development. However, our current responsibility is to find a solution to the economic crisis. That is why I stated that all expenses except those for essential ministries should be minimalised,” he said.