Angry mobs torch fuel station owner’s home


An angry mob set fire to the house of the owner of an IOC filling station at Ranajayapura in Ipalogama, Kekirawa, on 21 night as the station ran out of fuel.

According to Ipalogama Police, a large crowd gathered to get fuel on 21 May and some of them were not issued fuel because the shed ran out of fuel, causing the mob to become enraged and torch the owner’s house.

During a nighttime power cut, the suspects set fire to a two-story residential building in Thilakapura, Ipalogama, owned by the owner of a filling station.

The wife and two children of the station owner were at home when the house was burned down. According to Police, neighbours, villagers, and Ipalogama Police officers worked tirelessly to extinguish the fire and save the residents.

The fire had severely damaged the house and its contents, including schoolbooks and study equipment of the two schoolchildren, one of whom was scheduled to take the GCE Ordinary Level Examination today (23).

Ipalogama Police is carrying out investigations to arrest the suspects on the instructions of Senior Police officers in charge of the Anuradhapura Division.

By Prasanga Ekanayake – Madatugama