Cassandra Fernando makes history: First Sri Lankan origin to enter Australian Parliament


Anthony Albanese has led his Labor Party to victory in the national election in Australia, becoming the country’s 31st prime minister and ending nine years of conservative rule.

Albanese’s opponent was Scott Morrison of the Liberal Party, the current Prime Minister of Australia.

The Labor Party won 71 seats in yesterday’s election, while the Liberal Party won only 52 seats.

Accordingly, the former needs 76 seats to win a majority, with the support of minority parties.

It is noteworthy that three Sri Lankans living in the state of Victoria are contesting the Australian federal election this time.

Holt Labor Candidate Cassandra Fernando won a seat, becoming the first Sri Lankan born woman in Australian Parliament.

Another Sri Lankan, Ranj Perera of the Liberal Party, competed with her and lost.

Fernando polled 40,187 votes, gaining 57.5% of the vote while Perera polled 42.5% of the vote, garnering a total of 29,732 votes.

Cassandra immigrated to Australia in 1999 with her parents when she was 11 years old.

Virosh Perera, the other Liberal Sri Lankan candidate for the Scullin’s seat, polled 17,385 votes. His rival, Gilles Andrew of the Labor Party, won the seat with 33,604 votes.

Foreign media reported that Anthony Albanese will be sworn in as the new Prime Minister of Australia tomorrow (23).

By Tharaka Samman


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