Sabaragamuwa Province SDIG summoned to CID


The Senior DIG in charge of the Sabaragamuwa Province was summoned to the CID to provide a statement about the shooting incident in Rambukkana.

According to internal sources, an Assistant Superintendent of Police from the CID obtained a statement from him.

Senior DIG Mahinda Gunaratne was recently appointed in charge of the Sabaragamuwa Province.

Other high-ranking officials in the Sabaragamuwa Province are expected to be summoned to the CID in the near future to provide statements. On 19 April, a man was killed when Police used force to disperse a crowd at the Rambukkana Police Station.

IGP C.D. Wickramaratne directed the CID’s DIG to conduct an impartial full investigation in this regard.

Thus, four officers, including the SSP in charge of the Kegalle Division, were arrested and remanded after being produced in Court.