Never Have I Ever…


I have always wanted to go on a trip with my friends but I wasn’t allowed to. It’s not safe, my parents say. My friends and I were planning on a trip for so long but gave up on that eventually. I still wanted to make it happen, because I know how fun it would be to go around with people we love.

One night, I was talking about this to my little sister, Airah. She is a seven-year-old girl with behaviour of a 90-year-old, but I still love her. She helps me out with things but also makes sure to not keep any secret. This is why I clearly don’t want to share things with her. But when she genuinely understands that I wholeheartedly want something, she will help me out.

So when I told her about how badly I want to go on a trip with my friends, she pitched in with some great plans. One was to fake a school trip (which is not possible because if my parents contact my school, I am DEAD), the next in line was to fake a death of my friend’s mother who lives very far away. That was a good one, but what if my parents would want to accompany me and my friends? I questioned. “Definitely they would, but let’s find a way,” my sister said.

Before I discuss with my parents, I need to make sure that all my friends are ready to go on this trip. Some may not be, but I am sure I can make this happen. I called them and told about the plan. As I said, some were okay with this while some weren’t. But it’s usually like that. When we plan things, it’s only few friends eventually making it happen. But i took some time and forced them to join the trip, and they did.

Now, it was time for me to talk to my parents. I had to fake some tears because of the ‘loss of my friend’s mother.’ Faking a tear is not hard but playing it along is. So I approached my mother who was clearly having a bad mood, and my father who is cool as always. I sat down next to them, and stayed silent for two minutes, just to let them know that I am sad about something. “What’s up child? Are you okay?” said my dad. “Nah…Tharushi’s mother just passed away and she lives 45 kms away, just trying to figure out how to visit her,” I said. “You can ask uncle Bernett to take you and your friends, he will be happy to do so,” my mother jumped in. My sister and I were sharing looks. I said, “No I think we can book a vehicle. I am sure they will have some offers going on,” I shared. “Okay, as you wish…” says my cool dad.

I rushed to the room to call my friends and tell them about the good news. They were so happy about it but wasn’t sure if their parents will believe in them. But they made it too! The same night, I began preparing my things and as usual my sister helped me out. Later in the night, my mother received a call, and I could see a disappointment in her face. I was hoping it’s something to do with the family issues they were having lately, but no. It was my friend’s mother, who I faked a death of. My friend got caught lying, and her mother called mine to complain about me. Once she ended the call, she walked towards me, and “BOOOOOM!” she verbally exploded. “I am never going to let you out with friends, ever! STAY HOME!” As usually my plan failed, but I am not going to give up on this. I will let you all know about the next plan very soon. This time it will involve nothing but the truth…hopefully.

By Saudha Naushad