How I got my pet cat


This year i was sad. Have you ever been sad for past year? I am very sad. I have wanted a pet cat for years. Suddenly my mom said, “I am going to give a gift to you.” It was surprising. And it was a pet cat. My mom took me to the store. I wasn’t patient in the car itself. This is the best gift I’ve ever got. The store was close and I was nervous already.

Finally we arrived at the store. There were many different cats. Suddenly i saw the cutest baby cat I have ever seen. I chose that and bought it. In the evening, I went to the toy store with my mom and the cute car. I bough tiny medium sized balls. Next I went to the food store. The car was staring at one of the cat’s food. It loved the food and i bought it.

By Aaminah Mohamed Fasly