GMOA threatens to strike again


While salaries of the newly appointed Cabinet Ministers are waived off, the doctors of the Government Medical Officers’ Association (GMOA) are on the war path, threatening a strike against the Health Ministry’s move to slash their salaries and privatise the State health service.

GMOA Secretary, Dr. Senal Fernando on Friday (20) accused the health authorities and the government of avoiding the pressing issue in the State health service. The current regime is causing a collapse of the health system by discouraging health workers, reducing funding for its maintenance and slashing the salaries of the entire health staff. “We observe that the breakdown of the free health service would only lead to the breakdown of people’s confidence in the State health service.

The GMOA Secretary said that a decision had also been taken to resort to strike action after Tuesday (25) sans prior warning in case of pay cuts.

An emergency General Committee meeting was called in which representatives of all branches of the GMOA participated. He said that a unanimous decision had been taken to resort to stern Trade Union action against any move to privatise Sri Lanka’s free health service which is recognised globally as well as reduce salaries of State health employees.

However, the Union had also made a request to the Prime Minister, the Secretary to the Prime Minister, the Secretary to the Ministry of Finance and Health Ministry officials for discussions on these matters of grave concern.

By Dilanthi Jayamanne