Dear Toxic Positivity,


I know you think you are like a rainbow that comes with some sunshine after hours of rainfall that has poured all too hard on people without an umbrella who got drenched out sick, but here is a little explanation as to why you are poles apart from anything positive. In fact, you are more like the silver lining in the gloomiest of clouds that hover in the distance. So the fact that you expect people to look at you with the same optimism as a multihued illusion just because you share the same skies, tells me that you are so ‘clouded’ by your own dark energy to realise that the ‘silver’ you see is in fact extreme white light that you’ve blinded yourself with, in a desperate attempt to see the ‘bright side of things’ as you weather past an intense storm.

Imagine trying to manufacture happiness in someone else’s life by  drawing comparisons between who is relatively privileged and eating one meal a day and keeping healthy, to people who are literally –mostly those engaged in hard labour – starving their way through an extreme economic collapse because they have no other choice? All in an attempt to justify how three meals a day isn’t essential for survival.

It’s a pretty brutal picture isn’t it?

Yes, there are people out there who genuinely believe that those who are unable to afford all three meals a day, shouldn’t make such a big issue of it because apparently it’s an absolutely doable task that can be done for people across the board.

Meanwhile, a few others chimed in on social media with their tone deaf vantage to laud a few food delivery riders who’ve adapted to these very trying times by swapping their usual motorbikes with bicycles, noting they are in fact doing good on themselves because now they are getting ‘exercise’.

Yes sure, these people working full-time jobs delivering food on cycles are doing so for recreational purposes because they absolutely have a choice to pick their empty-tanked motorbikes to get through their day of work.

It’s like saying people who flee persecution on a boat over dangerous waters in search of safe land is the same as people going on joy rides in the ocean in search of breathtaking views.

To think that there are still people in various places, sitting in their houses, cosily wrapped in bed, vigorously typing on their keyboards as they dispatch their hot takes on social media to be Judge Judy about livelihoods they know little to nothing about with the intention of sprinkling some fairy dust on a Pandora’s box that has unleashed on people who are told to expect nothing but the worst for the foreseeable future, is frankly disturbing.  

The fact that some people fail to differentiate ‘having a choice’ from having an ‘only choice’ or the difference between ‘diet’ and ‘starving’, shows how disconnected some just are from the rude reality of the common man who now has to stand in painfully long lines just to have their basic needs met. It completely disregards the magnitude of the struggle, the excruciatingly high cost of living that is happening in conjunction to the fuel shortage that has severely impeded most people’s daily income.

Not just that, it also indicates how a certain faction of society when privileged enough, don’t get how they are being insensitive or exclusive even when told so. 

These in-denial species is so plenty it truly is a good reason as to why our societal norms are so damaging. Yet, I get bombarded with messages of being pessimistic when I only am trying to be pragmatic.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not calling out the privileged. It’s not a crime to be so, what’s troubling is how certain people use that privilege because sometimes it has the potential to dismantle someone else’s right to justice or downgrade someone’s suffering.

In penny plain terms, there is nothing positive on this ‘brighter side’ because it simply ceases to exist, so that greener grass some of you are on is all just a figment of your imagination.

Negative Nancy

By Dilshani Palugaswewa