Country’s economy will continue to deteriorate – Suresh


 The country’s economy will continue to deteriorate due to poor leadership and inappropriate appointments such as the appointment of the deputy speaker, without meeting the demands of the public, SJB MP Vadivel Suresh said.

He also said the Leaders and Public representatives in Parliament are still planning on appointing people and that no steps have been taken to resolve the crises.

“Every day, the prices of essential commodities rise. However, the daily wage of upcountry workers has not increased until today, and they are paid Rs 700. Unfortunately, upcountry people cannot afford Rs 300 for one kilogramme of wheat flour, and they cannot survive on such a low wage. A family requires approximately five Kilogramme of flour per day, which now costs Rs 1,500, which is double the wage earned from plantation work. Furthermore, the country’s fuel crisis has not been resolved, and people are still waiting in long lines. Our people in the upcountry are suffering even more than those in Colombo, and they can’t even afford milk powder for their children,” Suresh explained.

Suresh went on to say that as representatives of the Tamil and upcountry communities, they are ashamed of the country’s current situation, and that if they cannot understand and fulfil the public’s requests, being in Parliament is pointless.

“We obey the leaders but we do not trust them. They need to do something to resolve the problems of the people and prove them to make us trust them,” he said.

By Eunice Ruth