China to support SL in achieving economic & social development


China says it will continue to support banks’ consultations with Sri Lanka in seeking a proper debt settlement and stands ready to positively work with relevant countries and internarional financial institutions in easing Lanka’s debt burden for its sustainable development.

Speaking at a press conference yesterday (20), China’s Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin said China fully relates to the difficulties and challenges faced by Sri Lanka and stands ready to play a constructive role in its steady economic and social development.

As to Sri Lanka’s debt to the Chinese side, China supports relevant financial institutions in having consultations with the crisis-struck country to seek a proper settlement and is willing to play a constructive role in Sri Lanka’s steady economic and social development.

“In the meantime, we hope and believe that Sri Lanka will work in the same direction and make independent efforts to uphold the legitimate rights and interests of foreign investment and financing partners, and maintain stability and credibility of its investment and financing environment,” he said.