Sritharan calls for int’l help to oust President


 Tamil National Alliance (TNA) MP S. Sritharan has called for immediate international intervention to remove President Gotabaya Rajapaksa from office.

 Speaking to Ceylon Today, he said, that the resignation of the then Prime Minister will have no effect, and that the President should be removed from his position immediately and sent out of the country.

 “While Rajapaksa supporters attacked protesters at Galle Face, the three armed forces were quietly watching the situation and were unable to prevent people from damaging property and attacking people. It is clear that the country will be unable to reach a decision to resolve and end the crisis. As a result, international intervention is required to put an end to this,” said Sritharan.

He also claimed that the President declared the State of Emergency on purpose in order to incite terrorism in the country. The President and the former Prime Minister purposefully attacked all protesters, including mothers, children, youths, university students, and everyone at Galle Face. “The people who took part in the riot on 9 May would be identified by the incumbent President, and they will be added to the missing persons list as soon as possible. President Gotabaya Rajapaksa is a master of kidnapping and murder. He has done the same in the past, and we have lost many lives as a result. Likewise, he will do the same to the people. We need to stop it before anything big happens,” he claimed.

BY Eunice Ruth